Introduction to Ashes Burn

First Post Introduction:

Ashes hold the inner heat of fire, the spark and ember of flame.

Like those, micro fiction holds the spark of a larger story that may grow inside the mind of a reader.

I've felt it happen when I've read these tiny bits of fiction, like the words of the comic books but with images from inside my head.

Consider each piece a frame of embers. Picture the story in your mind.

Ashes Burn is a micro-fiction serial forthcoming on October 6.

Three characters will share their version of events, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Ashes Burn is a hint fiction series based on the lives of three characters: Wend, on the run from his past; Teresa, hunting for the man she loves; and King Bryant, a man haunted by nightmares and desperate to hold onto his throne.

Originally, each episode was a hint fiction episode of 25 words or fewer, but I expanded on that slightly for a few of the episodes in the hopes of evoking a brighter image.

A note on the blog id name: ashes, embers, and variations on those were already taken. A quick search revealed that aim-uzjon is Proto-Germanic for "ashes burn" an early form of the word "emere" (also taken) which became "embers." So, welcome to aimuzjon aka Ashes Burn.