About the Author

Tyrean Martinson lives and writes in the Pacific Northwest. An avid daydreamer and reader, Tyrean has studied the art of writing through various book resources and classes. Her first love in genre fiction is fantasy, seconded by scifi and most of the variations of those two genres. She also enjoys some contemporary fiction and poetry, with occasional forays into historical and romance fiction.

Writing and the study of writing make up a majority of Tyrean’s life as she writes and teaches writing classes to homeschooled teens at a local homeschool co-operative. Tyrean hopes that with each book, story, and poem she writes, she will grow as a writer. She shares her experiences with her students and encourages them to persevere past any kind of rejection, whether it’s the kind of rejection in a rejection letter from a magazine editor or any kind of social rejection that teens often face.

Tyrean has been published in anthologies like How I Found the Write Path, Overcoming Adversity, The Best of Every Day Poets and Sunday Snaps: The Stories. Her collections Dragonfold and Other Adventures and Light Reflections showcase Tyrean’s stories and poetry. She is currently hard at work on the third novel in The Champion Trilogy: Champion’s Destiny. Her twitter handle is @TyreanMartinson and she can be found online at facebook and at on her blog, Tyrean’s Writing Spot.
Ashes Burn is a micro-fiction series born out of a new passion for micro-sized fiction.