Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ashes Burn: Meet the Characters

Ashes Burn Season Two: Ashes Stirred is available for kindle, nook, kobo, and smashwords readers!

Meet the Characters of Ashes Burn, the Micro-Fiction Series:

Wend, on the run from his nightmarish past, is looking for rest, peace, and a new start for his life.

Master Cat, a shape-shifting sorcerer, who takes on Wend as his apprentice.

Teresa, warrior princess and expert tracker, searching for her fiancee, hoping to save him from others who search for him.

Another idea for Teresa - the expression in this photo is what reminds me of her.

Calisto, leader of the tribe who "adopts" Teresa.

King Bryant, a man who desires complete dominance over his kingdom and the world. He relishes war when he isn't twisted with nightmares.